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About the Ear Reverends

The Ear Reverends is a band, now based in Seattle, though at one time based in San Francisco, and originally formed in Los Angeles. HereJam is its home.

The Ear Reverends started as a kid, and privately released recordings in the 1980s. Now, it's grown.

The Ear Reverends is an ongoing music experiment, testing boundaries of musical perception, contexts of participation in music and art, and the dogma of formats and media. It's dug up some bones.

The Ear Reverends is a quasi-mythical musical order, made up of many members connected through playing and sharing the Ear Reverends music and art. Many of their identities are unknown.

The Ear Reverends is by Jay Fienberg, for whom it's like a rosetta stone.

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The Ear Reverends are more coming soon!

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Ear Reverends

"Reflecting absolutely the universe they are a reflection of, the Ear Reverends multi- pronged, fun-house style is a seething and nimble flirtation with the dignified absence of style itself in a kind of exalted expression of something much cooler than style, I'm talking true singularity of sound and vision.
—Bernard Bernard

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