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Blood Drive

Blood Drive by the Ear Reverends Blood Drive is a work-in-progress Ear Reverends album. Written starting in 2003, Blood Drive grew to be a mix of twelve instrumental and vocal songs. However, it likely will be paired down, rather than grow, the longer it remains in-progress.

Preliminary recording for this album took place in 2004, and then Blood Drive entered a period of limbo when the Ear Reverends moved from San Francisco to Seattle. After an effort to restart production on the album in 2005, Blood Drive was placed on hold as focus shifted to what would eventually become the Err or Man music deck.

While more songs from Blood Drive will likely be completed and released at a later date, two early rough mixes of instrumentals from Blood Drive are posted here:

Wing Drops (early rough mix) download
Wiper Away (early rough mix) download




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