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Err or Man music and images online

MP3s of all of the 20 pieces on Err or Man are now online!

Each of the 20 pieces from Err or Man now has its own page on the site. Each page currently features the corresponding "view" art from the Err or Man book. You can listen to each track on its page, or select from all of the tracks on the main Err or Man home page, as well.

This is an interim online release while I am still working on the bigger site upgrade, which is based around an integrated music / playlist player. After that launches, I'll also make lossless versions of all of the pieces available for download, and post additional images from the Err or Man book, as well as lyrics and other goodies.

Here are links to each page for the 20 pieces:


And this hereby concludes the 2008 portion of Wrong Notes. Now let's all have a happy new year!


I’m browsing these pages while reading the booklet and listening to the CD on my living room stereo.  It’s a funny sensation to see the same music and graphics online.  From this viewpoint the online versions feel less rich and sensual.

...and at the same time, going from the physical media object to its internet version feels like a homecoming.  There’s something about it which vibes return-to-the-source.

Thanks for your comments Lucas. The plan is that there will eventually be more of Err or Man online than what’s in the book and on the CD.

At this point, there’s definitely less. But, it is something of a homecoming—I’ll say more that in a new blog post.

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