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Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

Podcast, conversation with Bre Pettis (Make Blog), new Wrong Notes

This is the first of the new Wrong Notes podcasts, now with both talking and music.

In this edition I play some new Wrong Notes music and talk with Bre Pettis, host of the MAKE Podcast, about our collaboration—the Ear Reverends created the theme music for MAKE Podcast's opening credits.

(We also briefly talk about and hear some sounds from the wonderful Casio VL-Tone synthesizer / calculator.)

Here's a link to the complete show in a single mp3 [14:22]. This is what you'll get if you subscribe to this blog's RSS feed and your feed reader is podcast enabled. (Also, it's available via iTunes.)

Now, I've always wanted this now-named podcast technology to support playlists, but it doesn't (yet, at least not consistently). So, I am also making available the podcast in playlist versions: here's the complete show as a XSPF playlist and the complete show as a m3u playlist. I am also including links to the individual files, below.

The individual mp3s in the playlist version (and below) are higher quality, and there's also an extra "bonus track" at the end of the playlist (more conversation with Bre about what he's up to next with the MAKE Podcast). So, if you are playlist enabled, definitely check out the playlist version!

  1. Talking: Introduction [0:55]
  2. Music: Oh Snap (new, for Wrong Notes) [0:58]
  3. Talking: Conversation with Bre Pettis, part 1 [2:35]
  4. Music: I Make Things (Ring) [0:48]
  5. Music: MAKE Podcast Theme, first sketch [0:11]
  6. Talking: Conversation with Bre Pettis, part 2 [1:02]
  7. Music: MAKE Podcast Theme, second sketch [0:11]
  8. Talking: Conversation with Bre Pettis, part 3 [0:54]
  9. Music: MAKE Podcast Theme, final version [0:14]
  10. Talking: Conversation with Bre Pettis, part 4, and Closing [1:49]
  11. Music: Other Ducks (new, for Wrong Notes) [4:27]
  12. Talking: Colophon [0:18]
  13. Extra Bonus (playlist only) Talking: Bre on what he's up to next and robots [3:10]

Here's a XSPF player to play it, too:


Attention! This podcast also comes with a one-time-only special feature: free high-pitched hardrive noise in the background during some of the talking segments. Absolutely Free! This incredible offer won't be repeated. The high-pitched hardrive noise will not appear in future podcasts. So, be sure not to miss it in this one—listen now before it's too late!


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