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Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

Music again

Sorry for the absence from new posts and music, 'til now. This post introduces the Ear Reverends' latest Wrong Notes, called "The 33 1/3 Commandment (for Anastasia)".

Please check it out an enjoy. (Oh, and in case you notice, yes!, that is my Memorymoog in the background—it's out of storage now for the first time since 1988 or so, and boy is it in need of major repair!).

As a way of explaining the absence of new posts and music here: Since releasing a song in the Practice series (in late June), I've traveled with Anastasia and my family in Jamaica (in July, made some sound recordings that might appear here too!), decided to move from San Francisco to Seattle (July), quit my day job (August), packed and moved (August), unpacked (September), and also had to adjust to the effects from being in a car accident (August), the death of my maternal Grandmother (September), and starting up in my new day job (October).

But, I'm back writing and recording new music. In fact, yesterday, I created a sound sculpture / installation for our Halloween party—it was a huge, albeit, very local, hit!


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