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Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

Seattle performance of Glenn Branca’s Hallucination City, video

I've been interested in Glenn Branca's music for many years, and finally got to see a performance of one of his works.

Branca's Hallucination City: Symphony 13 for 100 Guitars was performed at a private Seattle Art Museum party at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Although I couldn't get in, the performance was outside—so, with a relatively sizable crowd of people, I listened from the fence perimeter.

I Played in Glenn Branca's Hallucination City and All I Got Was Mass Hypnotic Transcendence is a review of the event in The Stranger, which has lots of good details about the piece and this particular performance.

I'd like to track down a good interview with Branca, or read some of his writings, to better understand his intentions relative to performances vs recordings of his music. I wonder if there's a lot more to be experienced than what I've come across. But, I definitely got something out of the performance that I hadn't gotten out of recordings—maybe this bit of video that I shot will give you a sense of how these works expand into big spaces.

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Coming up, kicking-off the new Wrong Notes

This new incarnation of Wrong Notes is going to become a group blog, after we get past a couple technical hurdles. So, beyond any posts specifically about the Ear Reverends, a bunch of us will be posting things of interest for the Ear Reverends (including you!).

As the tech stuff gets worked out, I’ll kick-off posting some such things of some said interest!

Err or Man CD / Book now available at CD Baby

The Err or Man CD / Book can now be purchased online via CD Baby.

The CD Baby page for Err or Man just went live this evening. Although there is a lot more of Err or Man still to come on this website, I think it's safe to say that Err or Man is now available—anyone who is interested can hear it and see it.

Just to be clear, you can now buy a copy of Err or Man, the new CD by the Ear Reverends. Yes, really!

New site, soft launch

Yes, this appears to be a brand new site!

So, welcome! And, for some welcome back! This is a "soft launch" of the site, and I am not 100% confident that it's all stable, actually.

Once it's more stable, I'll start launching more of the Err or Man pages, and start turning on the other site features—especially the music player for playing tracks online.

Also, the Err or Man CD / Book will be available in a few days via CD Baby—I'll post the link when I've got it!

Shipping Err or Man

Is all this packing and shipping too mundane to blog? It'll be done soon, in any case.

Yesterday, I shipped out the first 9 boxes / envelopes with copies of Err or Man. Now I am down to a few more copies in the studio to hand deliver to people in Seattle, and then I’ve got a short break before the next batch of artifacts arrives to be assembled into their proper cd / book / goody packages.

Some of the mess after getting things packed & shipped

Cleaned that up, and now just got to get this site cleaned-up!

Packaging Err or Man

Getting into the art of packaging—I mean, literally, putting things in packages.

Packaging up copies of Err or Man is proving to be a nice lot of work. Mostly it’s the limited edition copies, which have extra objects in the bag and hand drawings and signatures. But, this first batch going out (both limited editions and first editions) is almost all wrapped-up and ready to go! And, then, going forward, I think I’ve got the hang of what I’ll have to call the Err or Man packaging process when we launch Err or Man Industries (just kidding).

Some pix:

Front of a limited edition package
(next to a classic photo of Soren Alderson and Bernard Bernard)

Back of a limited edition package

Desk during packaging, and a stack of finished packages

You might recognize a box on the desk as being the Steve Reich 1965-1995 box set, which I love and am enjoying listening to all 10 CDs of again right now. If you know Reich’s music, you can imagine me packing up Err or Man bags while listening to “Drumming” and “Music for 18 Musicians.”

Got the Err or Man books today!

The first batch of the Err or Man books are here.

HereJam studio has been temporarily converted to an assembly room, as we put together the books and CDs. Finally! For the folks who already have ordered Err or Man, your copies will be going out soon. And, then we'll have Err or Man ready for public release, too!

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