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Packaging Err or Man

Getting into the art of packaging—I mean, literally, putting things in packages.

Packaging up copies of Err or Man is proving to be a nice lot of work. Mostly it’s the limited edition copies, which have extra objects in the bag and hand drawings and signatures. But, this first batch going out (both limited editions and first editions) is almost all wrapped-up and ready to go! And, then, going forward, I think I’ve got the hang of what I’ll have to call the Err or Man packaging process when we launch Err or Man Industries (just kidding).

Some pix:

Front of a limited edition package
(next to a classic photo of Soren Alderson and Bernard Bernard)

Back of a limited edition package

Desk during packaging, and a stack of finished packages

You might recognize a box on the desk as being the Steve Reich 1965-1995 box set, which I love and am enjoying listening to all 10 CDs of again right now. If you know Reich’s music, you can imagine me packing up Err or Man bags while listening to “Drumming” and “Music for 18 Musicians.”


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