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Podcast, The Worst Song Ever

As a kid, my cousin Dean Fienberg and I had a band called "The Light." We played together as a band for a couple years, had a bunch of songs, and even played a show at a good sized club in LA, called Hop Singhs.

But, most important in the history of things: in 1983, we created and recorded what we now realize to be The Worst Song Ever. In honor of this lowly achievement, I've compiled a podcast that includes this song, called "Dark Is the Night," as well as a funny conversation between Dean and me about why it's so bad.

I've also include two new Wrong Notes tracks—so check-out some new Ear Reverends' music too.

(So, the podcast is available in a so-called RSS Podcast feed, if you know what that is. But all of the contents are also available via these links and player below. Note that the individual tracks linked below are higher quality than the all-in-one podcast track.)


Wrong Notes Podcast #02

  1. Talking: Introduction [1:16]
  2. Music: Spy? Music (new, for Wrong Notes) [1:45]
  3. Talking: A Little History [0:46]
  4. Music: New Dawn Coming, by The Light [3:32]
  5. Talking: Segue into Dark Is The Night [0:48]
  6. Music: Dark Is The Night, by The Light (The Worst Song Ever) [7:38]
  7. Talking: Conversation with Dean Fienberg [7:42]
  8. Music: Nostalogia (new, for Wrong Notes) [1:38]
  9. Talking: Colophon [0:24]

Or, play it all now! Here!


Whew! Done with that nostalgia trip. Now back to working on the Err or Man album.


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