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WELCOME: this is the ear reverends website

This is the official website for Ear Reverends music and art, and the blog of Wrong Notes.

ERR OR MAN: CD / Book / Website

Err or Man cover

Err or Man, by the Ear Reverends — a music deck — 20 pieces. Now available in a collectable CD / Book edition, features 20 tracks (a double-album's worth / almost 70 minutes) of new Ear Reverends music and an accompanying 7.5” square art book with over 40 images, and lyrics for each song. Get a preview of the CD / Book, and listen to Err or Man online.

Purchase Err or Man on CD

The Err or Man CD / Book is available now, and is sold exclusively via CD Baby. Buy a copy of Err or Man now / get more info at CD Baby.

About the
Ear Reverends

The Ear Reverends make music with a “multi-pronged, fun-house style that is a seething and nimble flirtation with the dignified absence of style itself—a kind of exalted expression of something much cooler than style—a true singularity of sound and vision.”

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