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New WIP tracks from Phone-E.P.

I've been recording a lot but I haven't released anything new in a looong time. So I thought I'd share some work in progress...

For several years, I've been collecting robocall voicemails and dreaming of music around and of them. As a bit of an aside, I often wonder what our actual sounds, as a society / civilization, might reveal about us—especially in the future when people have more perspective on our lives and times. And I think about things like robocall voicemails as being part of what we sound like right now.

The following links are to two WIP tracks from what I'm thinking of calling the Ear Reverends Phone-E.P. It's an idea I've been working on again this past week.

So you might imagine a robocaller calling my phone, which triggers a robot voice on my phone who announces the call, and then the phone gets answered by my voicemail with my robot voiced greeting. That's the setting:

Call from Null and Void / Error Code 2018 / Call from The Void [WIP mix1 mp3]

Greeitings (Sometimes I am the robot) [WIP mix1 mp3]

Update: just realized I'd shared and written about my robot greeting here on Wrong Notes in 2009, in Phone recordings robots. So I guess there's a long running, but slowly unspooling thread here.


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