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Animatronic sausages in New York City

I couldn't help but post about the new Banksy pet store in the West Village.

I was supposed to be in NYC next week, but my trip got canceled—I'll have to put this in the "art shows that I missed" category.

I like Banksy's art. Banksy is known as a prankster artist / street artist / graffiti artist. And, his new "show" is essentially a pet store called The Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill.

It's really a pet store. But, the pets are . . .

OK, probably best to just go to the site and see the videos. Here's one type of pet—Sausages:

Also, the Wooster Collective shot a video of the store:

The video is just one part of the Wooster Collective's review, which is altogether worth a read, and includes good photos.


OMG Jay the sausages are, um, like watching porn. Can’t…look…away…

A shiny, sparkly diamond of a find.

(I’m so way behind on reading the Wooster feed.)

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