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Art videos, Coltrane, Dolphy, Dylan

From a list of 50 great art videos on YouTube, a couple highlights.

I've started working my way through this list posted on the Guardian, The 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube.

It's a hard list in three respects: 1) many of the videos are so great that you'll waste your whole day watching them, 2) some of these great videos then cross-reference other great videos (thus, even more of your day gone), and 3) some of the videos are pretty boring (it may be great that they exist, but they're not that great to actually watch).

The list includes the classic 1961 film of John Coltrane playing "My Favorite Things" on German TV. I remember seeing this in some larger film about Coltrane. The whole German TV concert / broadcast is also notable because Eric Dolphy is part of the group.

It's a great version of "My Favorite Things," and Dolphy's got a flute solo. But I really love this other clip of "Impressions," from the same concert, with the amazing concentration of both Coltrane (tenor) and Dolphy (alto) on saxophone:

(Both "My Favorite Things" and "Impressions" were posted by YouTube user Astrotype, who's posted what looks like a lot of other great jazz concert films.)

The Guardian list also has this 1963 video of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez rehearsing(?) "With God on Our Side" that, in the middle, then cuts to their famous Newport performance. Today felt like a good day to highlight this:


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