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Can’t get no satisfaction

This could apply to so many things (like, say, getting the update to this site finished "soon").

But, in this case, I thought I'd try out the new MTV Music site—and so I refer instead to Devo's version of the Rolling Stone's "Satisfaction," and the classic video thereof, include herein.

Actually, I was thinking that people addicted to news and commentary about the upcoming US election are going to need a new drug after next Tuesday, and access to 20,000+ MTV music videos might offer an alternative fix for a while. But, then again, watch the video below—you know what I mean?


Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since MTV first aired. I remember watching at my grandparents house (they were the only ones who had the “good” cable). It’s excellent that they’ve put all those videos online.

I love Devo’s suits. That would make a good halloween costume, yes :)

Maybe they should just rent a room instead of trying to get some satisfaction while with her mom or dad.

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