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Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

End of old, start of new

So, pretty much exactly six months since my last post here. . . Since then, I've figured it out.

So, now it's in the works. Next couple months, you'll see:

The new "debut" Ear Reverends' album, Err or Man: featuring 20 new songs and, generally, more stuff that's like the proverbial bag o' surprises.

The new Ear Reverends website: for all of you Ear Reverends to call home (or, you know, whatever you would want to call it).

The new Wrong Notes: a totally new format, "the blog of ear reverence," for group text / audio / video / photo posting on music, art, culture and stuff of interest and delight to Ear Reverends across the cosmos.

Probably not many peeps until it's new. But, then, I'll be seeing y'all here!


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