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In Light Leaks

One of my photos was just published in Light Leaks.

It's actually not just my photo, but it's an Ear Reverends' photo. Not a photo of the Ear Reverends (that'd probably be a photo of me), but a photo from the Ear Reverends.

Maybe. Probably. We'll see. But, since it's probably so, I am holding off on posting the photo here, for now…

Light Leaks is fantastic magazine of "Low Fidelity Photography." It features work of photographers who work with plastic, toy, pinhole, and homemade cameras. If you enjoy fine art photography and/or like to immerse yourself in low fidelity / DIY alternative universes (to our otherwise big-brand digital society), then you'll buy this magazine now.

This current issue, Light Leaks 17: Ebb and Flow, is full of interesting photos—it's a quite cool collection. Totally coincidentally, there's also a feature on my friend / Vancouver, B.C. artist, Rachael Ashe, whose art (including altered books) I really enjoy and admire.

I used to be really into the Holga 35mm camera—it's the camera I used to take the picture that appears in the magazine. (See also, on this site: Sasquatch Crowd Panda Girl.) It had become my main camera, but it's this remarkably flimsy little thing, and it broke—on the first day of a visit to Paris. Fortunately, but of course, there's a Lomography store in Paris, which quickly enabled a Diana Mini (also 35mm) to enter my life. It's the primary camera I use these days, and I really love taking photos with it. It's more sturdy, too.

Anyway, my photo may be part of something in the future from the Ear Reverends. But, if you'd like to see it between now and then, or otherwise, you'll want to get yourself a copy of Ebb and Flow.


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