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“Deluxe Memory Man”, latest song ~ downloads ~ dump the MiniDisc ~ fight INDUCE ~ hear Joanna Newsom

"Deluxe Memory Man" is the latest Ear Reverend's song in the Practices series, and is now available for stream and/or download. It combines piano, guitar, vocals, birds, crickets, Indian child's rattle, ambient pet auctioning, and some stylings of the classic Deluxe Memory Man effect pedal.

Please listen and enjoy. One listener typed both Harry Partch and Elvis in IMs on first hearing: try it yourself, and you might too!


Another milestone: all of the Ear Reverends' current songs / pieces are now available for download on the site's home page. Hope that helps more, especially with peace, love and understanding (in any order).


"Deluxe Memory Man" makes use of my last field recordings on my Sony MiniDisc player. I am dumping this in frustration over Sony's idiotic restrictions to purportedly protect artists' copyrights.

Sony was so important in creating devices that enabled people to enjoy more music. But, since they now own a bunch of artists work through Sony Music, they cripple their digital devices with lame "features" which interfere with all kinds of obvious and desirable uses, like making a recording and digitally copying it to a computer.

Sony's devices are now substandard. They've got some new MiniDisc "hail mary" or something coming out, but it's still got convoluted restrictions—and, otherwise, it's too little, too late.

So, I now am recording on the groovy iRivier iHP-120. Direct to a portable 20GB disc, in WAV or MP3 format (64k - 320k adjustable too). It works great.

At the end of the day, I just plug the thing into my computer with USB 2, and I copy the files and/or import them directly into Digital Performer. No problemo! My first recordings with it are also in the new song.


While I'm ranting, be sure to check-out Ernest Miller's Hatch's Hit List post about the awful INDUCE act Sen. Hatch introduced, and which, if passed, would probably bring about the end of devices like the iRiver.

You can help stop INDUCE by taking action via the EFF. See also the EFF's Will the Inducing Infringement Act Kill the iPod? and Ernest Miller's extensive INDUCE act posts.


Finally, on a lighter and brighter note, I highly recommend you listen to Joanna Newsom and get her latest album, The Milk-Eyed Mender from Drag City.

Watch this great and beautiful video of her song Sprout and the Bean (QuickTime) and then go see her on tour. Sadly, I will miss her show on Sunday in SF at the Great American Music Hall. If you're in SF, please go for me!


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