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Music blogging motifs

For those of you who know my alter blog at the iCite net, you might have wondered if what I am building over there has any connection to what I am doing here at Wrong Notes. The simple answer is: sort-of. Over there, I am looking to create a new way to interconnect things on the web, and one of the things I want to interconnect is online music. So, the way I am releasing my music here is meant to hook into that.

As is often, amazingly, the case with these kinds of ideas, others are also working on similar things. People want to share music and connect with other people who like similar music—and so new ways to do this online keep being created.

In an earlier post here, I mentioned Lucas Gonze and his Webjay site. I think Webjay has really struck a chord with people (so go check it out if you haven't), and, in response, there have been a number of interesting experiments and comments and reflections on online music that I wanted to note here.

Jon Udell's Active Résumés is and links to a number of interesting comments, including Collaborative playlists by Alf Eaton. Sébastien Paquet is talking about and demonstrating Musiclogging and is also pointing people to the Internet Topic Exchange on Playlistlogging.

Marc Canter also often posts about this. I know and enjoy Marc as a fellow Harry Partch loving / Eno digging / synth building / tech visioning guy.

(The accompanying musical notes are my "Joi vs the Burtonator" blog-themed song, which was my first experiment in "blonging".)


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