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New Bageon is music, new

I've released a new, short, Wrong Note piece, called "New Bageon". It accompanies this post. Listen to it loud.

For the first time, I've released a high fidelity copy online as well. If you know about the awesome FLAC file format, and enjoy hi-fi (as I do), please feel free to download a FLAC copy of "New Bageon".

Listen to it even louder! It's also released under the attribution, non-commercial, share alike Creative Commons license, so I hope you'll find some creative, loud, ways to share it.


Also, btw, fyi, if you use iTunes, you can now subscribe to Wrong Notes music via iTunes too!


Speaking of copyright, check-out this story about Fox Lawyers C&D Buffy Fandom Musical (C&D = cease and desist = lawyer speak). Talk about vampires...


The Buffy story also references two excellent posts by danah boyd:

when media becomes culture: rethinking copyright issues


remix is active consumption not production (when media becomes culture, part 2).


Coincidentally, danah's is one of the voices played in Joi vs the Burtonator, which title is itself a kind-of play on the connections between lawyer speak and (1960s Japanese) monster movie themes (and, there: we're back to copyright and monsters and slayers...).


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