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WRONG NOTES: a blog of ear reverence

Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

"Plastic Toys" now available, latest in the Practices series

"Plastic Toys", the latest piece in the Ear Reverends' Practices series is now available. Please listen and enjoy.

This piece combines a remix of a piece I originally created in 1988 (now known as "Trescony Toy #3" and soon to be heard in Wrong Notes) with new music and vocals with some field recordings I made a few weeks ago while in Seattle.

Some people have mentioned that they didn't quite understand how to play all the songs here on Wrong Notes, so I'll note the two ways:

  1. each text post includes a music post, just click on the "play notes that go with this note" link below
  2. there is a m3u (mp3) playlist available that plays all of the current music posts, just click the "mp3 playlist" link in the upper right of the page

I'll be adding some other formats soon too.


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