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R. Stevie Moore on YouTube

R. Stevie Moore is a great music artist that more people should know about.

He's commonly called the "Unsung Father of Lo-Fi" and a "DIY Pioneer and Musical Genius." And, he's also infamous for being "criminally neglected by the American recording industry for the last 30 years" and for living "in near-poverty, still creating his very original music and selling it directly through his website."

I often reference R. Stevie as a litmus test that shows how "taste makers" (e.g., the old record label ideals) fail—basically, it's so much easier for so-called "taste makers" to focus on good music that has fast popular appeal, that they fail to tell people enough about other great music (i.e., music that doesn't rise to rapid popularity, and so is left to fall by the wayside).

Anyway, I am a total R. Stevie fan, but I have to admit that I've just scratched the surface of his catalog of recordings—there are a lot of them. So, I am very excited to find that YouTube user autosam (maybe R. Stevie himself?) has posted more than 120 R. Stevie Moore music videos. This is just an awesome way to explore his music.

Partially unrelated, there's a new online playlist service called MixTube that works based on YouTube videos. To get a sense for how it works, I made a playlist of 120+ R. Stevie Moore songs. I am listening to this right now—it's a lot more natural for me to listen to music then to watch videos (though I want to watch them too, as they are cool videos!).

I am definitely going to buy a bunch more R. Stevie Moore CDs, and I hope you'll do the same—they're all available for sale on the great R. Stevie Moore website.


I say “Thanmk Youm!”

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