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Richard Wright RIP / Careful with That Axe, Eugene at Pompeii

I haven't thought about Richard Wright in a long time.

He died today, and it reminded me that I used to listen to Pink Floyd a lot as a kid—around the time I was first becoming a keyboardist. Wright is someone whose playing I really listened to when I first was learning how to listen.

RIP Rick Wright.

That's Pink Floyd's Careful with That Axe, Eugene, performed live at Pompeii.


I love Echoes from the movie you got that clip from. His Hammond playing in the middle jam section of that song is awesome. he will surely be missed. I posted a tribute at my blog too, at

Thanks for your comment, Isorski. “Echoes” is definitely my favorite part of that movie.

Been good listening to the classic Floyd tunes you two have posted. I am sure Eugene was a spooky song to hear in their day.

This is an interesting blog. How does the Wrong thing work out?

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