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Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

Surprise gift of the year: a quilt made of t-shirts from rock shows I went to as a kid, circa 1980–1985 (made by Anastasia)!

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dizzidy dang! she gets the award for the kewlest gift and the best blog wife evah. :)

Totally. And, I should add / clarify that Anastasia learned how to make quilts, and made this as her first project, totally behind my back / without me knowing or suspecting that this is what she was doing!

And big thanks to Emily at Assemble Gallery and Studio in Greenwood for all her help!

Wow, that is awesome (and, man, you saw some great shows).

Happy MMXI to you and A!

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