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The Simpsons as radio show

If only copyright laws weren't so draconian, I'd make and release some cut-ups purely out of audio from The Simpsons.

So, I pointed the music player at Songs in the Key of Springfield and let it play through while working on some stuff. If you've seen all the shows a couple times, at this point, I think there's no better way to enjoy them then as radio shows. Since sitting around listening to new radio sitcoms is a lost art, maybe a revival could be had via now-classic TV shows re-imagined as radio.

With The Simpsons audio-only, you get witty dialog, funny vocal characterizations, clever songs, interesting arrangements, goofy sound effects and, most importantly, your imagination open to all kinds of entertainment beyond the TV show visuals. The CDs, like Songs in the Key of Springfield are a great way to get into this. But, if you already have The Simpsons on DVD, you could put a disc on, turn-up the volume, and walk away until the TV screen is out of view.

But, maybe some of the creators of The Simpsons will someday create an all-Simpsons-all-the-time radio station—e.g., on satellite radio. Or, even a weekly radio show made purely of audio from The Simpsons, which could be great—it'd be like a funny version of A Prairie Home Companion.

Also notable: Alf Clausen, makes really great music on The Simpsons. I mean, Canyonero!:

Can you name the car with a four-wheel drive
Smells like a steak and seats thirty-five?


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