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Wrong Notes collects posts on music, art, culture and fun stuff. Also included: news about the Ear Reverends.

The whole and the piece

I started noticing a pattern when I was a kid, where I'd keep making things bigger — more multifaceted, typically.

So one question, with the Ear Reverends' music, has been about the size of works. Is this thing I am working on a song, an album — more? less? Is it, as music, just what one will hear? What about other aspects of its experience, perceptual and conceptual?

Part of what I've been doing lately is evaluating the relationship between planning and doing. In particular, between talking about plans and doing them.

This blog has always been a question, in terms of what is said and what is presented, in relationship to the music. And, same with the website—the web is a part of this music, as an interface to it.

I am working on some things. Maybe they will be bigger things, and take more time. Maybe taking a lot more time.

So, Wrong Notes may be slow for a while.


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