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Wing Drops, from Blood Drive

Following-up on my last post, included here is "Wing Drops", another early, rough mix instrumental from Blood Drive. Listen and enjoy!


Since starting work on Err or Man, the upcoming Ear Reverends' album, I've now ended the Practices series. I actually completed one more, last piece in the series, called "I Make Things" (using the voice of the artist Bre Pettis).

But I probably won't directly release the "I Make Things" song (I think I'll do something with it in an upcoming podcast).

Fortunately, the song started a conversation between Bre and me that has led to the Ear Reverends creating the theme music for Bre's new video series for Make magazine. More about that soon—I think the series launches next Tuesday (May 2nd)!


I've got a few other music projects happening beyond Err or Man, and I'll just have to wait until time is right to announce them.

But, I can mention now that we're getting close to starting construction on the new HereJam Studio (yay!). And, also, I'll be expanding the roster of HereJam Records to include at least one other, very neat, musician-artists, whose record(s) I am set to produce.


By the way, there's an Ear Reverends' My Space now. Since I don't have comments turned on here, if you are on My Space, add the Ear Reverends as a friend and leave us some comments there.


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