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TV antiheros and anti-lost

I've already watched too much TV in my life, haven't I?

While I was in Hawaii, I started thinking about TV shows with plots set on tropical islands. Lost obviously came to mind, and so did Gilligan's Island. That's when I realized:

The problem with Lost is that it's just Gilligan's Island, except less funny.

Each week, someone new shows up on the island—someone who could rescue the castaways. But then, at the last minute, there's some implausible event that prompts the rescuers to leave the scene without the castaways. . .

George Saunder's New Yorker piece, Antiheros, is a funny re-imagining of something like Heroes.

I am sure even Lost and Heroes are going to prove to be part of Tommy Westphall's mind, as is most of TV (and much of even our own illusory reality).


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