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Wiper Away, and more to say

Hey! Guess what? Since my previous post, I started working on a totally new Ear Reverends' album.

This album is now shown under "forthcoming" on the home page—it's called Err or Man, and I've been busy writing and recoding demos (there are about 15 songs).


Before starting work on Err or Man, I made the tough decision to put on hold Blood Drive—the Ear Reverends' album that was past due. I needed a fresh start on something new.

So, I let go of Blood Drive and then found out that I still really like the album—so, there's a decent chance I'll come back to it and release in the future. But, Err or Man is the big focus right now.


I've released two early, rough, mixes of instrumentals from Blood Drive. The first, "Wiper Away", is included here (and I'll do another blog post for the second right away). Listen and enjoy.

These are pretty rough in various ways, but I wanted to have at least some of Blood Drive out there before Err or Man.


I am re-thinking how I use this blog, and am considering doing a more conventional "podcast" with some talking along with the music. This would be a way to tell you about what's happening in the process of creating Err or Man (and other projects), and letting you hear the work in progress.

So, keep an ear out here for more and new things. (Oh, and I'll be re-doing the site at some point too—I have a new design in the works ;-)


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